01/12/2021 14:22

Traditional alarm systems can be complemented by other security/convenience features provided by smart home systems.

Garage door control

Instead of (in addition to) remote controls, you can control your garage door from your smartphone or automatically when you arrive home if you are driving your car the set distance.

You don't even need a SIM card to open the garage door remotely, you can do it from your smartphone.

You can synchronize the movement of multiple gates.

Need to let the courier or gardener in, but we're not at home? No longer a problem!


Security cameras

A camera system integrated into your smart home gives you peace of mind, as you can see what's happening at home or in your holiday home at any time, from anywhere, even in the event of an alarm.


With the smart doorbell, you can identify the arrival before opening the door with video on your smartphone, even if you're out of the house. It can also be combined with a smart lock or other smart device.

Motion detection

It not only detects movement in the room, but can also be used to control smart lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and alarm systems.

Gas, smoke and CO detection

Gas, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors integrated into the system can enhance home security. The sensors will sound an audible alarm if they detect anything other than the specified values, sending an alert to your smartphone at the same time.


Real-time detection of temperature and humidity changes and real-time reporting to your smartphone. Record history and notification in the app for smart control of your home's temperature and humidity. Available with or without display.

Water leak detection

Prevent major damage due to a bathtub faucet left open or any other water leak. In case of an alarm, you can even shut off the mains remotely if you have combined the sensor with a smart valve.

Whether it's an overflowing bathtub, a dripping sink under the bathroom cabinet, a burst pipe in the basement, or a severe weather event, a smart water leak detector will protect your home and your valuables. If the sensor detects a water leak, it immediately notifies the app.

SOS button

Have elderly family members living far away? The system will ensure their comfort and safety, but it can also be used to alert you if they need help.


Opening detection


An opening sensor can alert you to a window that has been left open at the start, but it can also help you save energy and money by pausing the heating when you open the windows.


Smart lock

The smart lock offers multiple opening options (key, numeric code, fingerprint, smartphone, card), time limit, remote control, logging, making it a practical addition to your smart home.

Highly recommended for Airbnb and other short- and long-term property owners and managers, helping them to operate their property remotely