Wide compatibility

The AZ-SMART smart home system is powered by TUYA, one of the world's leading global IoT development platforms, and is based on a cloud solution with broad compatibility using wireless technologies (WiFi, ZigBee). It currently enables the connection of more than 400,000 different smart products with the "Powered by Tuya" logo across 1,100 product categories through a single application.

Easy management, even remotely

You can manage your connected smart home devices conveniently and securely on your smartphone at home or remotely with our frequently updated "az-smart" app, available for free from both Google Play and the App StoreMultiple property systems can be managed from the app.

Shareable profiles

Once user profiles are configured, settings can be shared with your family members or desired users.

Simple installation and setup

The system's devices communicate with each other wirelessly, the installation is simple, so it can be retrofitted.


Whether you decide to deploy the whole system or just a selected set of features to start with, the system can be expanded at any time by adding new devices and functions.

Affordable pricing

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Your data is in safe hands! The cloud service is hosted on Amazon's European server and is compliant with the current GDPR regulations. Tuya complies with national and international information security standards, data protection, and compliance requirements and is certified by several organizations worldwide.