01/12/2021 14:18

Intelligent lighting is now a standard feature in a smart home, combining comfort with energy efficiency, but it can also be used to make your home unique.

LED smart bulbs, combined with light and motion sensors, not only greatly reduce energy consumption, but when combined with, for example, RGB LED strips, can also positively influence our mood by customizing the intensity, color and color temperature of the light to suit the time of day and our daily routine. 

If required, it is also possible to integrate wall switches already installed, so there is no need to replace them. New wireless switches can also be installed without the need for subsequent wall opening or wiring. 

The operation of the switches, wireless modules, can be synchronized with each other or with other functions, i.e. one switch can be set to activate another or more, which can be subject to automation conditions (e.g. between sunrise and sunset, according to the light sensor setting), but also to automatically switch on the lights when the garage door is opened. 

Intelligent lighting can be part of a smart home presence simulation, for example by switching on the lights randomly while you are away, simulating your stay at home and actively contributing to the protection of your property.