Short and long-term property rentals

01/12/2021 14:33
Short and long-term property rentals

Whether for short or long-term rentals, smart solutions are designed to help you maintain your home hassle-free, operate it remotely in an energy-efficient way, and provide amenities to increase tenant satisfaction.

Energy efficiency can be increased by automating lighting, temperature, and shading, which can reduce the cost of operation for a short-term rental, but for a long-term tenant, saving on energy costs can also be an important consideration. 

In a short-term rental, the arrival/departure system can be automated, e.g., by smart locks, but they can also help with remote operation, e.g., letting in cleaning staff. Smart locks also offer a logging option in addition to different opening modes.

By reading the consumers remotely, the energy consumption of the property can also be monitored.