Apartment blocks, Residential complexes

01/12/2021 14:31
Apartment blocks, Residential complexes

Our system for residential buildings aims to ensure that the maintenance of the property and the operation of common areas, whether it is a new building or an old historic building, is centralized, convenient, with the most optimal use of energy and cost-efficient. 

Intelligent systems in residential buildings can deliver significant energy savings, while improving the safety and security of the building and the comfort of its occupants.

The smart system uses installed sensors to ensure that lights in common areas are only illuminated in the right places and intensity, following movement, but can also signal a smoke, gas or water leak or glass breakage.

Previously separately controlled intercom, access control, camera systems, interior and exterior lighting systems, cooling and heating systems, ventilation and irrigation systems can be integrated into a single system.

The property becomes more economical to run, and the maintenance staff can be notified quickly of a problem or malfunction, even remotely, whether it's a broken lift, a burnt-out light bulb, or a broken window, so that repairs can be started immediately. Energy consumption can be measured, logged, and remotely accessed.

The system can also be operated by integrating smart systems into individual homes.