Our smart home solution

Who is it for?

01/12/2021 14:14
Who is it for?

For owners of apartments, family houses, holiday homes, mobile homes, or houseboats, which can fulfil different functions:

  • Finished properties or ones to be renovated, that can be made safer and more comfortable for their occupants with smart features.
  • Properties for investment or property development, where the presence of a smart home system can add value but can also positively influence the buyer's decision.
  • Properties for short or long-term rental, where smart home features not only provide comfort for tenants, but also simplify the management and maintenance of the property for the landlord, providing remote monitoring.


Our system is suitable for making life more comfortable and safer for the elderly, the disabled and the nursing home residents.

The portable panic button can also be used to send an alarm if they need help.

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